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Danglers Partners with Midwest Collegiate Roller Hockey League

Danglers Hockey is proud to announce our newly formed partnership with the Midwest Collegiate Roller Hockey League. The MCRHL has grown since joining the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association in 2003. “The policies by which the NCRHA will be governed are based upon the goal of a nationally recognized and regionally organized collegiate roller hockey structure and the best interests of the participants of college roller hockey.” (

We at Danglers Hockey have found much interest in the roller hockey world, but most specifically in the MCRHL. This league consists of many recognizable colleges who provide quality teams each year, with hopes of competing in the national tournament at the end of the season. There are three divisions of the MCRHL, but our focus will be directed to the Division I teams and players this season.

Our goal for this partnership is to provide insight for players whom seek interest in more than just ice hockey. Roller hockey has been rising as of lately and Danglers plans to be along side of the growing cult. This game plays much different than ice hockey. There are only four skaters per team, which allows for more scoring, more highlight plays, and more dangling! The MCRHL will begin their regular season games this weekend in Columbus, OH.

The MCRHL Division I consists of the following five teams: University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, Miami (Ohio) University, and Grand Valley State University. University of Michigan, Michigan State, Grand Valley, and Miami were participants in the national tournament this past April.

This year Michigan State looks to have the most talent showing proof of this in the recent preseason games. The other top quality club this year is Miami. They hold a heavy bench and use their depth to provide fast players and quick line changes. Eastern Michigan has struggled in the past to produce quality players, but that seems to be at an end now. This year Eastern Michigan will be a tough competitor with a stellar goalie between the pipes and duo of snipers on offense. Grand Valley has produced a consistent team throughout the years. Acquiring another good team this year, Grand Valley may still end up in tough battles for wins. Lastly, U of M looks to be another good team that may find themselves in the middle of the pack this season.

The MCRHL is comprised of many talented collegiate players, one of which is Eric Purcell, of Grand Rapids. Last year the freshman for Michigan State acquired 79 points in 27 games. Purcell is showing much consistency this preseason with 13 points in 3 games (7goals, 6assists). He is a threat to net-minders with his quick hands, a faultless wrist shot, and a natural mind for the game.

Hunter Ledgerwood of Westland, MI is Eastern Michigan’s newest recruit. Ledgerwood provides his team with quick speed and an accurate shot. As a 1st year player in the league, it is suspected that he will be noticed early for his skills. Ledgerwood achieved 6 goals in the preseason and will continue to help Eastern Michigan to a strong season.

From Livonia, MI, Cam Benson has shown much leadership for Grand Valley. The 6’0, left-hander averaged a point per game last year and will continue to be a leader for the GVSU Lakers. As a well-respected player in the league, Benson has a calm mind on the floor and can posses the game with the puck on his stick. This will be Benson’s 2nd season in the league. He will be a key player to focus on.

Danglers Hockey is pleased to be involved with the MCRHL and would like to give a special, “Thank You” to the league director, Jeff Nolan. Nolan has been a part of this league for some time now and has provided these players with a great opportunity.

Also we will be posting to our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Good luck to all teams starting their seasons!

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